Advanced Trailer Values

Innovation | Safety | Efficiency | Profitability

Advanced Trailer has been a leader in the industry for two decades in Vienna, GA. We supply the best trailer at the best price throughout the industry. Advanced Trailer’s first priority is always the customer.  We take pride in creating our trailers with safety and efficiency in mind.

Our Story

Advanced Trailer, which began in 1995 as a semi trailer dealership, transitioned into a new line of business after a company purchased 100 trailers with the goal of drying peanuts in them.

After business boomed, the company began receiving manufacturing requests, which led to another transition for Advanced Trailer: manufacturing trailers. It also marked the beginning of a trend, where more and more trailers were being converted in Texas and shipped to peanut growers in the southeastern U.S.

By 2003, Advanced Trailer was fully committed to converting semi trailers to dry peanuts. Using their knowledge of semis and customer suggestions, they redesigned their trailer to make it unique by beefing up the specifications. Thus, they created a “super-trailer” that more than pulled its weight in the marketplace.

While sales flourished, the company didn’t quite have the infrastructure to build a large amount of trailers and found it difficult to control quality, timeliness or expense. So they changed their business model by assembling an industry “dream team” for trailer repair and fabrication and moved to Dooly County, Georgia, where their own in-house fabrication shop is now in the works. The company has also broadened its scope to include servicing the customers post-sale with a trailer mechanic now on-call for complete inventory, inspections, service, repairs, and maintenance.

Ultimately, the traditional trailer approaches to peanut drying and hauling posed a serious safety issue. They had no lights, no brakes, and hadn’t passed inspections. Semi trailers, however, are required to be inspected every year. Advanced Trailer wants the peanut industry to not only be profitable, but more importantly, to be safe.

The company has come a long way, from a semi trailer dealership to now using their product as a means to another successful goal: drying peanuts. While they continue to grow substantially, their goals remain aligned with Advanced Trailer’s values and vision for the future and, most importantly, giving customers a great experience.

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